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Message From our Head of Primary

With a wealth of experience in primary and middle school education, Ms Zoë L. Hauser joined the school in July of 2015. Her training took place in both the UK and the US and, following a few years at the City & Country School in Manhattan, she was Head of School for 16 years at Stevens Cooperative School in New Jersey. At these schools, she solidified and practiced her strong belief and trust in child-centered progressive and constructivist pedagogy. Most recently, she served as middle school principal at the International School of Myanmar. Fascinated by the variety of school systems and striving to support continual school improvement, Ms Zoë has chaired accreditation committees for many schools in the US and in SE Asia.

Ms Zoë believes that if we are to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world, we must recognize that memorization, rote learning and formulaic approaches will not serve that purpose. The job of a teacher is to facilitate and guide the process of learning how to learn for each student. Information will always be

easily accessible so the valuable time in school should be spent in practicing the higher order thinking skills of analysis, evaluation, connection and application. Through the use of open-ended materials in the younger years and vibrant brainstorming, discussion, problem solving and collaboration in all grades, children can take responsibility and ownership of their own learning. Ample opportunities for creativity and risk taking help children to develop holistically at their own pace, using their individual learning styles and embracing the joy of life-long learning.

Schools are continually evolving communities and Ms Zoë encourages teachers to respect their professional intuition, to work cooperatively and support each other in developing curriculum and meeting the needs of all our students. She firmly believes that we need to listen to children and, if we ensure that our decisions keep children's needs at the core, we will be heading in the right direction.

Ms Zoë L. Hauser

Ms Zoë L. Hauser

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