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B.D. Somani International School uses a curriculum that engages children and their families in meaningful learning experiences informed by a range of globally proven successful education programmes. This progressive and constructivist approach, informed by recent educational research, enables teachers and developers of the school to fulfil their desire to provide every child with relevant, challenging and engaging experiences aimed at preparing them for a rapidly changing world which we cannot anticipate. Children from diverse backgrounds pool their experiences, their questions and their interests and teachers guide their inquiries into how the world works.. Instead of filling children with facts, teachers facilitate the development of higher order thinking skills, that equip them to become lifelong independent learners.

In order to be relevant, learning experiences need to be transdisciplinary with an integrated approach. Social studies and scientific inquiries are explored through various lenses such as language, the arts, mathematics, physical education and health. Skills in literacy - reading, writing, speaking and listening - are important tools that need to be practiced and perfected to allow this learning to occur.

A constructivist approach allows individuals to construct their own knowledge and understanding. As students learn, they constantly engage in the complex processes of revision of prior learning, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and application. They are given opportunities to practice the skills of cooperation and collaboration which are important for success in the real world.

In order to meet different learning needs and address the welcome diversity in the classrooms, learning can be differentiated and individualized. Students with different abilities, interests and learning needs experience varied ways to absorb, use, develop and present concepts as a part of the daily learning process.

This allows students to take greater responsibility and ownership for their own learning, and provides opportunities for peer feedback and cooperative learning. In the process of differentiating instruction, the teachers provide both support and challenges to each student.


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