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Age Criteria:
Age criteria for entry level in Reception/Nursery is 3 years completed as of the1st of July. All subsequent grade levels are calculated from the entry level age criteria.

  • Admission Fee INR 65,000 (non refundable)
  • Caution Money INR 25,000 (refundable, after adjustment for any sums owed, when the student leaves or is withdrawn from the school)
Academic Fees:
For students who enroll in Reception in the 2017/18 academic year, the per semester fee is INR 2,50,000 for the Reception, Junior KG and Senior KG years.

On entering Grade 1 in 2020/21, the per semester fee will be INR 3,45,000 and remains the same until completion of Grade 5 in 2025.

At the beginning of Grade 5, parents will be informed of the fees for Grade 6 and beyond.

The school's academic year is divided into two semesters; July to December is Semester 1 and January to June is Semester 2. Reception and Junior Kindergarten are half day programs, Senior Kindergarten to Grade 5 are full day programs. On accepting admission to B. D. Somani International School, the academic fees for semester one are to be paid in advance at the time stipulated in the Admission Offer Letter. This amount will be 50% of the annual academic fees. The academic fees for semester two are to be paid in advance at the time stipulated in the fee card.

All fees are to be paid in Indian rupees only by way of a cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of "B. D. Somani International School - Primary" payable at Mumbai.

Apart from the above mentioned payments, parents will be required to meet the expenses towards text books, notebooks, materials and activity charges, school lunch, school transport, educational trips, excursions, fees for the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination in grade 5, special trainings, additional purchases / services and any other requirement in connection with their child's education at B.D. Somani International School.

The Caution Money is collected against damage to and/or loss of library books, laboratory equipment, computer facilities and other equipment and/or assets of the school. It will be refunded without interest after adjustment of dues, if any, on completion of the students' studies or withdrawal from B.D. Somani International School.

The fee structure given above is subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of the B.D. Somani International School Management. The school will communicate to parents any revision in the fee structure.

Parents wishing to withdraw a student from school, must present a signed request to the Head of Primary, stating the reason for the withdrawal and the effective date.

  • Withdrawals require a minimum two month notice before the start of a semester .
  • 60 % of the semester fee will then be refunded along with the Caution Fee.
  • For the first semester, a withdrawal request must be given no later than 1st June.
  • For the second semester, a withdrawal request must be given no later than 1st November.
  • In absence of a two month notice, the semester fees paid to the school will not be refunded. Only the caution fee will be refunded

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